Seasonal Trips

Ice Fishing Trips

Hayward has some excellent ice fishing opportunities for a wide variety of species! Book a trip with Tom and target walleyes, crappies, northern pike, bluegills, and trophy smallmouth bass! Don’t have the gear? Don’t worry! Tom will supply everything from rod and reel combos to vexilars/sonar and even heated ice shacks. Tom will also provide transportation and assistance on and off the ice!

Whether you are hoping to beat the winter blues, catch your fish of a lifetime or enjoy the scenic Chippewa Flowage and the Hayward area in the winter make sure to call Tom today!

Trophy Bass Trips

In Wisconsin the first Saturday in May marks the start of the fishing season. It also kicks off some of the best trophy smallmouth fishing Wisconsin has to offer. Throughout most of May we target hungry pre-spawn smallmouth with aggressive casting techniques. This is an extremely exciting bite that is great for the novice angler as well as the avid fisherman.

As May turns into June these trophy smallmouth push shallow taking refuge in mere inches of water setting up an unbelievable sight fishing opportunity. Watching these giant smallmouth eat your bait in a foot or two of water is truly one of the most unique angling experiences in freshwater.If you are looking for an incredibly fun and exciting trophy bass hunt this time of year is a must!

Summer and fall are equally rewarding for both size and numbers. Fall holds some of the best trophy action of the year!

Walleye and Crappie

Walleye and Crappie trips are available from May till ice up in late November. Hayward has some truly excellent opportunities for both of these species and if going home to a fish fry is your motive the multi-species trip is for you! Choose to target either of these fish or split the day and target both the choice is yours. Expect to learn different techniques that will put solid limits of fish in your boat time after time! Techniques ranging from open water trolling to casting cranks and slip float fishing. Book a trip in May to target trophy walleye and crappie while they reside in shallow water. Share the boat with Tom in the summer months and learn where to find, and how to catch these fish on the Chippewa Flowage and area lakes. Book a fall trip and capitalize on some of the fastest crappie and walleye fishing of the season!

Musky Trips

In Northern Wisconsin the musky season opens Memorial Weekend each May. Guiding many different lakes in the area allows me to seek out the locations that have the best action thus putting you on more fish! Spring through summer produce the best numbers of fish each year with multiple fish days being very common. Musky hunting this time of year varies greatly depending on the body of water and can be catered to the experienced and beginning angler.

Fall Musky Hunting

This is the time for HUGE muskies! This time of year fish of all species pack on the pounds in preparation for winter, muskies are no different. We like to take advantage of this by using a combination of casting and live bait to maximize the chances of putting numbers of big fish in the boat. Historically some of the biggest muskies ever recorded are caught during this period!